Our Mining Business

It All Began 5 Years Ago

FG Venture Seira Sdn. Bhd. operates in the mining of minerals in Malaysia. Its strength lies in its key personnel whom possess vast knowledge in construction, raw material production and supply.

FG Venture Seira Sdn. Bhd. in a very short period from inspection, has developed renown international affiliation with leading mining and engineering solution companies. This enables us to provide vital knowledge as well as industry specific solutions to client in various different mining operations. 

Our Mission

To provide professional and cost-effective services for clients.

To achieve the best value for our shareholders, customers, employers and community

Our Vision

We strive to be a global mining company with sound practices and good governance.

What We Do

River Sand Mining
(Sungai Perak, Sungai Pahang, Dungun)

Marine Sand
(Offshore Pahang and Terengganu)

Silica Sand Mining
Iron Ore Exploration

The Six USPs Of Malaysian Sand

Geology of Malay Peninsular has its core rocks base as granite. After long period of weathering and washing by the river it breaks up into river sand. As Malaysian Peninsular not effected by earthquake and volcanoes, the quality of Teluk Intan sand is better than the river sand from the neighboring countries of Indonesia and The Philippines.

Teluk Intan River Sand has less impurities such as wood and dead leaves. It ranges from 2.2mm to 3.0mm and because of the weathering, this sand is angular and fractured, making it an excellent component of building material.

The estuary of Perak River in Teluk Intan is about 62km from the Bagan Datuk estuary, while the ocean waves can hit up to 35kn. Therefore, the River Sand here has very low chloride content and is of high quality and pure natural river sand, rather than the common dumping sand (also known as yin-yang sand, which is a mixture of river sand and marine sand).

Teluk Intan is uniquely located in the lower reaches of the Perak River, comprises 70% fine sand, which could meet the needs and requirements for construction project. The remaining 30% of course or medium sand can be used for land reclamation projects in PEnang or to strengthen the coastline.

Located on the west coast of West Malaysia, Teluk Intan PErak has a geographical advantage over the rest of the country. it is not affected by the monsoon winds and can operate all year round

The depth of water at the STS Loading Port is very deep that a mother vessel with 100,000 tons loading capacity could sail in.

Current Projects

Our Equipment


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